Shena Kaye serves as a photographic specialist in Fine Art photography. Kayes goal is to develop and coordinate a wide variety of artful imagery for companies, private clients, programs, and events. She collaborates with her clients in efforts to produce imagery to meet the needs of the Fine Art portraits, custom products, advertising campaigns, websites, print material, and/or digital material for various initiatives and targeted outcomes. 

(That was the formal intro) 

Now, you're stuck with me talking. 
Hi there, 
I'm the groovy redhead with a camera in hand and my laptop hanging off my shoulder cause I'm addicted to editing images. That and I often find myself teaching someone how to do something to better their skills in photography or networking them in hopes of opening new doors to further their success. I'm the photographer who will say or do anything to get the look I need for the shot. I'm the one who will bend over backwards to make sure my clients get the most customized final product I can provide so they walk away in total awe. 20 years from now they may not remember my name, but they will always say..."That redhead was something else." and say it with a smile while looking at my work I did for them. That is me on the business side. I'm also a mother of two gorgeous daughters and the three of us leave no place without making an unforgettable impression. 

Feel free to find me in the Social Ocean (aka...FB, IG...) and tell the redhead hello.

* Award winning Fine Art photography based in Perrysburg, Ohio. *